The Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities assists students, faculty and staff with disabilities by coordinating campus and program accessibility as well as providing support in the attainment of educational and work goals. 

New to OSID?  Follow these steps:

Individuals seeking services are asked to complete two steps before scheduling an appointment with our staff.  

  1. Provide the OSID with a completed Application for Services (printable) or the online Application for Services.  
  2. Provide current disability documentation that meets the disability documentation guidelines below. 

The OSID has set forth disability documentation guidelines to address different types of disabilities. Please use the guidelines below in determining which of the guidelines best fit the type of disability of which you are seeking services.

  1. Disability Documentation Guidelines for individuals with ALL types of disabilities EXCEPT Learning Disabilities.
  2. Documentation for AD/HD
  3. Documentation for Learning Disabilities

Services and academic accommodations are determined on an individual basis and may include but are not limited to: 

IF YOU ARE A NEW STUDENT TO EKU AND NEED TO TAKE PLACEMENT EXAMS THROUGH THE EKU TESTING OFFICE - Please follow the steps above ( complete your application to the OSID and provide our office with disabiltiy documentation BEFORE you schedule your placement exams. Call, stop by or email our office to inform us that you need test accommodations for your placement exams. Test accommodations need OSID approval before they are scheduled in the EKU Testing Office.

The process for students, staff and employee's to follow in establishing reasonable accommodations, and the OSID appeal process is explained in this EKU Regulation; Establishing Reasonable Accommodations Under the ADA and Section 504 Rehabilitation Act.



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